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About Marmion
Dental Care

Welcome to Marmion Dental Care, Dr Farham Gharghabi and his associates are all highly trained dental practitioners, each bringing to the practice their own area of expertise. Our team are committed to providing exceptional customer service along with quality and affordable dental care for patients of all ages. Our reputation is built on trust, excellence in treatment and fulfilling our patients treatment expectations.


Wearing gloves, masks, eye protection and being immunized.


Sterilisation of all re-useable instruments along with tracking systems for each individual patient

Barrier Techniques

Environmental Cleaning – ‘Barrier’ techniques

Our Mission

Together we can stop the spread - Covid19 Our Safe Plan

Dental practices have always been at the forefront of preventing virus and bacteria from being transferred. This is called Infection Control. This is the term given to describe the practical system we have in place to make sure there isn’t any transfer of disease causing bugs to transfer from one person to another. Our quality systems are largely behind the scenes.
Your health and safety is especially important to us during this difficult time. The dental profession has always been trained in infection control issues from a university level and our dental assistants training focuses, nearly exclusively, on this area of safety for patients. Remember, first and foremost keep yourself mentally, physically and dentally well. Wash your hands often. Singing “happy birthday’, twice, whilst hand washing is sufficient hand washing time. Cancel your appointment if you feel unwell and remember the importance of social and physical distancing to stop the spread. Marmion Dental Care proudly uses Viraclean, an Australian made, hospital grade, surface disinfectant that is the only disinfectant that has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as able to kill Covid-19*.

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